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So, you deleted your Google Account and lost access to FeedBurner?

I was feeling pretty good about transitioning my e-mail from good ol’ POP into a Google Account. One account that you can control your e-mail, FeedBurner, Google Reader, YouTube and everything else through. What more could you ask for? I was … Continue reading

Design blogs: what do readers really want?

I wouldn’t consider myself a seasoned blogger by any means. I have only been “actively” blogging for about a year and some odd months. Over the past year I found myself going from 1 blog post a week down to … Continue reading

A round-up of round-ups

Ok, I lied, this post doesn’t contain just round-ups. It also houses some of my favorite and in my opinion, some of the most inspirational blog posts thus far in 2010. I wanted to do this round-up because I’d like … Continue reading

Heres to a new decade!

2010 has arrived and I haven’t really had any deep thoughts about any goals or aspirations for the new year. I do not even feel obligated to reflect on 2009 at all. I am really excited to look to the … Continue reading

Ant Does Sydney

For the next few weeks I will be writing from a new blog: Ant Does Sydney, to document my life here in Sydney. I will be going out and experiencing Sydney, Australia and then coming back here to share with … Continue reading