A round-up of round-ups

Ok, I lied, this post doesn’t contain just round-ups. It also houses some of my favorite and in my opinion, some of the most inspirational blog posts thus far in 2010. I wanted to do this round-up because I’d like to think it can really be a great resource for a struggling designer looking for a flick of inspiration or a nudge of clarity. I keep all of these posts in my delicious bookmarks, which contains many more useful links for you to browse. If there is a round-up or article that has really inspired you, please share it in the comments. The more inspiration-rich content that can fit into this post, the better!

  1. Responsive Web Design, A List Apart
  2. Self-employment advice for designers, David Airey
  3. The Psychology of Web Design, Web Designer Depot
  4. Typography that moves you, Fuel Your Creativity
  5. The Differences Between Good Designers and Great Designers, DRAWAR
  6. Corporate identity design done right: 17 great examples, designer-daily
  7. 86 Beautiful Book Covers, You The Designer
  8. 33 Letterpress Business Cards for Inspiration, Vandelay Design
  9. Negative Space in Webpage Layouts, a guide, Six Revisions
  10. 10 Websites Every Web Designer Should Know About, Lee Munroe
  11. The Most Relevant Identity Work of the Decade, Brand New
  12. 5 Branding Basics Every Logo Designer Should Know, Six Revisions
  13. 11 Design Strategies of the Next Decade, design sojourn
  14. Whitespace: The Underutilized Design Element, Web Design Ledger
  15. Michael Bieruts 5  Secret’s of Design, design sojourn

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4 Responses to A round-up of round-ups

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  2. Mike Oliver says:

    Awesome list Ant… just made some coffee, gonna go through all of them. Perfect timing, I’ve been so busy I kind of fell into production mode, and need to sit back and get back into design mode.

  3. David Airey says:

    Hi Ant, glad you liked my post on self-employment. I stopped by the designer-daily post you referenced, and particularly like The Corner Deli identity. Bye for now.

  4. Mike says:

    very nice!

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