20 of My Favorite Design and Inspiration Resources

straightHere are 20 sites and blog posts I’d like to share with you. I keep these resources in my Delicious Bookmarks and often refer to them whenever I need design help, inspiration, or just in the mood to look at something pretty. The internet is such a great way to keep designers of any skill level current in the industry and it’s chuck full of inspiration. If you have any articles that you feel all designers should give a read that you’d like to share, or perhaps a site that always has that special spark to ignite your design sense please leave a comment linking to the site. Enjoy!

  1. Minimal Exhibit
  2. TYPEInspire
  3. Dieter Rams and his 10 Design Commandments
  4. How To Improve Your Branding With Your Content
  5. 37 Places To Get Free Stock Images
  6. 30 Artistic and Creative Résumés
  7. 10 Awesome Free Handwritten Fonts
  8. Do You Want Fries With That Logo?
  9. Ten logo design tips from the field
  10. 100 New and Beautiful Seamless Patterns
  11. 15 Typography Books To Help You Learn and Love Typography
  12. 25+ Inspirational Folded Brochures
  13. 30 Interesting Brochure Layout Ideas
  14. How to Read the Mind of a Client in 3 Easy Steps
  15. Ways and Links to improve the Typography of your WordPress site
  16. 26 Professional Photoshop Retouching Tutorials
  17. 10 Ways to Beat the Hell Out of Creative Block
  18. Typographic Elegance Letterpress Wedding Cards
  19. Hiring a designer: a client’s perspective
  20. 20 Retro Wallpapers to Spark Inspiration

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4 Responses to 20 of My Favorite Design and Inspiration Resources

  1. Brian Hoff says:

    Thanks for including my Typography book article. Great roundup you have here. Tweeted it :)

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  3. Heysenberg says:

    Congratulations for the great blog dude… Btw, have you tried this for logo creation?

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