13 examples of new retro and vintage packaging

blastfromthepastLately many products have been releasing new retro/vintage packaging or reverting back to packaging from way back when. Retro designs and bright colors have been the latest trend in fashion as well as design for some time now and it seems to be leaking into packaging design as well. Most of the retro/vintage packaging in this post is limited edition or only available in certain states, stores, or countries. Nonetheless,  it is still awesome and refreshing to see some of your favorite products packaged differently. Here is a small collection products that have recently given us a blast from the past.













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12 Responses to 13 examples of new retro and vintage packaging

  1. David Airey says:

    So that’s where Paddy got to. Paddy, get back here with my Lucky Charms, you wee bugger.

  2. That’s so cool that they’re releasing the old designs. Wow the Oreo and Ritz are sooo simple!

  3. Nice stuff. I have actually seen most of these and for me, its nice to see these implemented in a store. Funny enough, it seems Target is really on board with this, as I have seen the cereal, soda, oreos, and ritz all there. There are also a lot of candybars going this route which look great.

    However, I am not sure the Count Chocula, FrankenBerry, or BooBerry are vintage packaging. Could be wrong, but I remember the old packaging and it didn’t look like that. They should also bring back Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute.

  4. David: It seems like you are getting in touch with your roots a little bit there. Haha. Is that the name of the Lucky Charms mascot, Paddy? I never knew that!

    Shannon: the Ritz and Oreo packaging is my favorite of the bunch! I think they should keep it! Then again, Oreo kind of changes their packaging often and seasonal.

    Michael: The Count Chocula, FrenkenBerry, and BooBerry aren’t necessarily vintage, but they are retro. In the 60′s and 70′s a huge trend with cereal packaging was using the cereal’s mascot huge on their boxes. Seems like target always likes to one-up Wal-Mart by running limited edition products only available at Target. haha

  5. David Airey says:

    I’m not actually sure what the mascot’s called. Probably Paddy, or something equally inventive, like Lucky.

    See those leprechauns though? Always after me lucky charms!

  6. Yeah true they do. Those are definitely my favorite too though. They show how much of an impact simplicity can have. You don’t always need to fill up the entire thing with images and designs.

  7. Rochelle says:

    Thanks for posting. I have really been enjoying the vintage labeling of products lately. I had never seen the Oreos and Ritz. Those are great. There’s such strength in simplicity.

  8. damion says:

    Cool links, cool pics :)

  9. Hernan Valencia says:

    A great site with lots of Retro looking design: Ethan Davis’ Grain Edit (grainedit.com)and their photostream: (http://www.flickr.com/photos/grainspace/)

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  12. Grace C says:

    Great post! I too, love the vintage look that some products are promoting right now. However, my one issue with it would be that I think they could have done a few of them a little better. Like the Lucky Charms. I feel that they should have taken out the swirl marshmallows and put back in the original ones, as the swirls are fairly recent. At least when Pepsi did it, they replaced their sweetener with real sugar like they used to have. Although drinking it out of a can with a pop top kind of takes away from the whole vintage feel as well.

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